UCLA is offering a summer Korean class for high school students who are exposed to Korean at home and want to learn to read and write or to develop their speaking, listening, and literacy skills.

Sponsored by the UCLA Asia Pacific Center.

Hannah Lim

Hannah Lim is a specialist in Korean history and culture and is a heritage Korean language learner herself. She received her Ph.D. in modern Korean history from the UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the USC Korean Studies Institute. While working on her B.A. in history and international relations at UC Irvine, she studied at Yonsei University’s Korean Language Institute through the UC Education Abroad Program. She reached native fluency in Korean through her graduate training at UCLA and dissertation fieldwork experience in Korea. She is currently an instructor of history at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and is eager to enjoy a Southern Californian summer after a long New England winter. This will be Dr. Lim’s third year teaching Korean language instruction in the UCLA High School Languages Program.