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"The program really helped our child to improve their Russian skills. We're very pleased with this program and we would recommend it to our friends!"

Parent of Summer 2015 student

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"The day I heard them say 'The class goes by so fast that we cut from lunch to have more time' I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience that these kids were lucky to have. It is an undiscovered treasure, and I hope more Armenian parents will take advantage of it."

Parent of Summer 2015 student

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"Since the class ended, I've noticed that my daughters are more interested in their culture and heritage than they were before. They eagerly read Korean whenever they encounter it and readily speak Korean with their grandparents."

Parent of Summer 2015 student

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"Teaching Farsi to high school graduates is an excellent idea. At a time that many of our youth are still deciding what to do with their future, your program gives them a chance to contemplate and think about their heritage and encourages them to learn more about it."

Parent of Summer 2015 student

We will not offer the Summer Language Program for the foreseeable future.

We thank you for your interest and understanding. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive program updates, please email us at

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My parents speak Persian at home. I hear them talking and can understand basic ideas, but I cannot speak, read, or write in Persian. Is my level too low to take the course? Am I heritage speaker?
If you can understand basic ideas of the language spoken at home, even if you can’t speak, read, or write in the language, you may be a heritage speaker.

We welcome all levels of high school heritage language students in our program. We will differentiate teaching according to students’ levels (for more information, see our Goals page). Please contact us if you have any questions. 

I took this class last summer. Is there a second year program?
Our heritage classes are multi-level. Since heritage students have varied proficiencies, we differentiate instruction so that students are working at their level. What this means in practice is that classes will work as a large group for certain parts of the class (cultural themes, introduction to themes and texts, presentations, games, etc), and in skills-based small groups during other parts of the class. In the past, students who have come back for a second summer have really enjoyed the experience and found it challenging.

This course is at UCLA. Is it a college course?
No, it is not. You get the benefit of being on a college campus—great teachers, great resources—without having to pay tuition.

What about transportation and parking?
We encourage carpooling and if you’re interested, we will put you in touch with other students from your areawho are also looking for a carpool. Daily parking is $12. You can get a daily parking pass at the information kiosks at lots 2 and 4. You can also use the self-service machines in lots 3 and 5, as well as those behind the law school.
UCLA is also well served by public transportation: from the San Fernando Valley, take Metro bus route 761. From the Wilshire corridor, Metro bus routes 20 and 720 will bring you to Westwood Village. Route 305 brings students from South LA to campus. On the Westside, Culver City route 6 and Big Blue Buses 1, 2, 8, and 12 all come to the UCLA campus. Buses from Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley also serve UCLA students and staff. The UCLA Transportation site has complete route and bus stop information.

What’s for lunch?
There are several places to eat in the main part of campus: Ackerman Student Union has the most variety. Teachers will take students on a campus tour on the first day to show them campus facilities.

I have to miss the third week. Is that okay?
We realize that many students have vacation plans during the summer.  It will be up to the individual teachers whether they can have students miss class time or not. If the teacher decides that it will not be too distracting and the student is willing to do all make-up work, then the student may still take the course.

This is a big place. How will I find my class on the first day?
There will be a campus map in your enrollment packet. If you lose it, you can get another one either online or at the information kiosks at parking lots 2, 4, and 6.

Is it okay to speak English during class?
The classes are more fun and challenging when everyone tries their hardest to speak only the target language. Of course there will be moments when that is difficult or, occasionally, impossible, but the vast majority of classroom communication will occur in the target language. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you adjust to this!

I already know how to read and write in my heritage language. Will I be bored?
No. We use authentic texts in our classes, not textbooks, so we can always find something at your level for you to read, and challenging things to write. Many students who are already literate still want to expand their vocabulary and broaden the topics about which they can read and write.

If my friend is interested in joining, can I bring him/her to first day of class?
Contact your instructor first to make sure there isn’t already a waiting list. If the class isn’t already completely filled, your friends are welcome to enroll on the first day.

I took the summer course but still haven’t received my UCLA transcript! Why not?
Although these courses are sponsored by and take place at UCLA, they are not college classes and do not have any college credit possibilities. For this reason, there is no transcript that will accompany completion of this course. You should receive a letter explaining the course with the student’s grade in a sealed envelope along with a certificate of completion within a month after the end of the class. We will send it to the mailing address that was provided on the registration form. Students may then choose to bring the sealed envelope containing their grade to their high school. Granting the student a year of high school language credit is up to the student’s high school. If receiving credit is important to the student, we advise students to confirm with their guidance counselors that they are eligible for this credit before the beginning of summer.